Sensovet veterinārā klīnika


A fast diagnostics method, that gives insights into the changes in structure and volume of inner organs, as well as the functional condition of the heart.

We offer echocardiography and ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity.

Ultrasonogrāfija vēdera dobumam

Abdominal ultrasound can be planned on mondays and Wednesday (changes possible) with a former appointment. Abdominal ultrasound must be done on an empty stomach and a full bladder! Do not feed your pet before the appointment (adult animals 12 h before the visit, kittens, puppies and dogs up to 2 kg 6 hours before the visit). 

Meal restrictions do not apply for ultrasonography to determine pregnancy.

!It is recommended to cut cats' nails before the visit!

Ultrasonography investigations are performed by Dr. Kintija Kleimane.